“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold”

I was planning a pilgrimage to Ireland with Jennine Weeks, the now retired Adult Christian Ed Director at Christ Church Methodist. We planned this pilgrimage to Ireland as a grand finale and celebration of her long and fruitful ministry in Louisville. Then COVID struck and we postponed the pilgrimage for a few months, then again … Read more

Sister Constance

I began my ordained ministry at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Memphis, Tennessee. St. Mary’s fit the picture of a grand old Cathedral, and it had a wonderful history of doing God’s work. As a young priest in the Episcopal church, I found my faith reinforced by the worship. The music, the splendid architecture, the liturgy … Read more


I’ll never forget banging my head against the wall when I came to the end of my first book, May You Live in Christ: Spiritual Growth Through the Vision of St. Peter. How to finish a book may be every author’s worst nightmare. More to the point, how do you stick a fork in it … Read more