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You know the saying “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” That is true in many respects. However, when it comes to matters of faith, the journey begins less with taking a step — as it does with taking a leap — a leap of faith.

For Christians, the leap occurs when we simply place our trust and confidence in Jesus Christ as Lord of our life. Now granted, when I write “simply” you know, and I know, there is nothing simple about placing our faith and trust in a power greater than ourselves. Nowadays, of course, it is simple to sit in our lazy-boy recliner and watch Elon Musk blast his Tesla rocket off into space. It is simple, as long as you are not the astronaut.

Same thing holds true with diving into a swimming pool for the first time, or riding a bicycle, or saying, “I do” in a wedding ceremony. All of this looks and sounds simple to the casual observer. But here is the deal, the leap of faith begins with putting some skin in the game. And by the way, Christian faith is not simply about our skin.

Almighty God, the creator of the universe, the maker of heaven and earth, the primary mover, the force and energy that gets you up and going each day also has some skin in the game. In fact, God initiates faith with us. Emmanuel. God with us. Jesus comes into the world as a baby. You know the story. Faith in Jesus begins in a stable, a manger, a crowded city of Bethlehem where there was reportedly no room at the inn. Mary gives birth to the Son of God. It was a natural birth. The Word becomes flesh. In Jesus there is grace upon grace.

With that, the story continues. Surely, if you can get your head around Christmas, the incarnation, the birth of Jesus, you will have no problem with him walking on water. Accepting a few loaves of bread and some small fish from a little kid’s picnic basket and feeding five thousand is nothing. Life, you see, becomes a miracle and we really begin to expect nothing less when God visits planet earth and takes on human flesh.

God visits us and with the cry of the newborn in Bethlehem where hear the call to follow him.  Follow him as he tells us parables about the kingdom of God. Follow him as he blesses those who mourn, the meek, the merciful, those whom he calls children of God. The journey of faith is an amazing one of grace, as we watch him heal and forgive and challenge the demonic spirits that diminish the image of God within us. A journey of eternal life that never ends.

His story becomes our story. He is the author of our salvation. His Spirit enters our spirit by relating and uniting us to the will of God. This Christmas, put a little skin in the game and take a leap. Let God know you are here.

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Robin T. Jennings is an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church, and an accomplished author, speaker and teacher who inspires his audiences with Biblical guidance and spiritual insights into everyday life. Whether he has the opportunity to speak to churches, businesses or organizations, Robin’s lifetime of work in spiritual transformation and renewal connects individuals with timely topics such as the importance of community, hope, identity and the search for meaning which are inevitably woven into his message.

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  1. I imagine Jesus is having a little trouble finding some of us who are buried deep in chaos and desperation or maybe just sadness now. Maybe peeling off one more layer of skin will be more help than hurt if it’s to get to Him. Can’t hurt to try it.


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