Generosity and Compassion

How do I give, if I don’t have anything to give? What does it mean to give from abundance when I can scarcely get by? How do you know God loves a cheerful giver? Did you know young people today find that while generosity is important what is more important is their growing concern over … Read more

Sanctity of Life

Many people have told me over the years “they are spiritual but not religious.” I’m writing to you during the season of Pentecost. It is our time to reflect on and live in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is “holy” for a number of reasons. One reason that I will touch … Read more

My Grace is Sufficient for You

Many of us are familiar with the Caravaggio painting of St. Paul and his Damascus Road experience. The contrast of light and dark. Paul flat on his back with outstretched arms of submission and surrender. The other man, either unaware or uncertain as to what is going on. The plodding, slow moving, unperplexed horse, simply … Read more