The Pilgrimage to Ireland

September 19-30, 2022 Well, the countdown has finally arrived as we are about to depart on our pilgrimage to Ireland. Led by Jennie Weeks, Liz Curtis Higgs and myself, members of Christ Church Methodist, Louisville, and friends, will soon begin an 11-day journey to the “Island of Saints and Scholars” where we will reflect upon … Read more

Water as Theophany

My Dad was a Navy pilot in World War II. As much as he loved to fly there was something about the water and sailing that gave him an even greater thrill. That’s his foot in the front, lower right corner of the picture. He probably had one hand on the camera and his other … Read more

Do Not Pray for Easy Lives

One of the practices that “Celtic Spirituality” reveals over and again is God’s closeness and involvement within our everyday life. Theologians often refer to this understanding of God by discussing the immanence, the omniscience, the ever presence of God.   The ancient Celtic tradition literally “incorporates” (Latin, in + corpus) this body of God by … Read more

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

July 15, 1972 Hard to believe. Fifty years. Seriously? For me, it seems like yesterday. I know, people often fall back on the well-worn cliché, “time flies.” Not me. Not today. If I have learned anything during these fifty years of marriage it is “time reveals.” Come back with me to the beginning. Mary and … Read more

Reclaim the Lost Art of Blessing

Upon arriving in Dublin, our first stop will most appropriately be, St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The Cathedral was built in the 11th Century and it literally reeks of history where we will gain a brief overview. The Cathedral’s namesake, “St Patrick” provides us with a framework for going deeper into our appreciation of “Celtic Spirituality” and … Read more

Thin Places

You may recall, Jennie Weeks, Liz Curtis Higgs and I are leading a pilgrimage to Ireland the end of September. The theme we have chosen for our journey is “Celtic Spirituality.” This ancient form of reverence for God’s presence is embedded in the history and the many stories found in the saints of Ireland. Included … Read more


I was preparing a series on “Celtic Spirituality” for an upcoming pilgrimage to Ireland that I am leading this September with Jennie Weeks and Liz Curtis Higgs. Then, Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York shattered my thinking. The horror and now the aftermath of these mass shooting events are unfathomable. They are almost too painful … Read more


Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man hears my voice and open the door, I will come into him and sup with him and he with me. Revelation 3:20 Thresholds This September, Jennie Weeks, Liz Curtis Higgs and I are leading a pilgrimage to Ireland. A pilgrimage is different from a … Read more

Joy and Wonder

The Monday after Easter, Mary and I received a card in the mail. Enclosed was a picture of our grand-nephew who just came into the world. Obviously, the baby is cute as can be. But there is more. I thought his expression was filled with wonder. Can you blame him? One minute he was in … Read more