Pray Without Ceasing

As we seek renewal during this Season of Epiphany, we become aware and attentive to the need for a life that works and is fully functional. Maybe, a change in attitude, a new diet, perhaps more sleep, something, anything to help us leap tall buildings in a single bound. And often we are led trying … Read more

A Star

Epiphany is a wonderful time in the church year. It naturally fits with our calendar announcing a new year, except the difference is in the church—we begin a New Life. It starts with the wisemen. They are the ones who embody wisdom. They said, “we have observed his star” (Matthew 2:2) and decide to follow … Read more

Away In A Manger

The grandkids never get tired of playing with the figures in the Creche. We tell the story. We sing the Christmas carol, “Away in a Manger.” They get it. They are not alone. St. Francis of Assisi loved the story. His life was changed because of it. He wanted others to share and join and … Read more

Prepare the Way

Many are familiar with the Chinese saying, “it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.” I’m sorry. I will light two candles on this second Sunday in Advent and you should know I curse the darkness. I have hope like never before. Darkness is not just about being in the dark. … Read more

Silence and Solitude

Two words that seem lost in our fast-paced world are silence and solitude. Start with silence. Sure, I find silence difficult. I like to break the silence especially when I think have something important to say. Other times, I use a smart-remark or joke to brush the silence away.         Solitude is a friend of … Read more

A Thin Space with All Saints

As I reflect with you and further “unpack” our recent pilgrimage to Ireland with members of Christ Church United Methodist, many of us experienced those moments that we might consider “thin spaces.” These are the times where the extraordinary in life enters the ordinary, and where the everyday events are transformed right before our eyes … Read more

Worship—A Thin Place

I hope you don’t mind, but I want to set aside these next couple of blogs to “unpack” our pilgrimage to Ireland. A pilgrimage is not a packaged 5-star holiday, or a Disney getaway, nor is it simply a trip. A pilgrimage is not about the destination but the journey. A pilgrimage is more about … Read more


I was a rector for about five years and looked pretty good on the outside. On the inside I was hollow. I needed help. Spiritual help. It was the 1980s, and the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation led by Tilden Edwards in Washington, D.C., caught my attention. I made a proposal to the vestry and … Read more

The Pilgrimage to Ireland

September 19-30, 2022 Well, the countdown has finally arrived as we are about to depart on our pilgrimage to Ireland. Led by Jennie Weeks, Liz Curtis Higgs and myself, members of Christ Church Methodist, Louisville, and friends, will soon begin an 11-day journey to the “Island of Saints and Scholars” where we will reflect upon … Read more