Discerning the Spirits

Jesus enters the Upper Room where the Disciples gather because of fear. Though the doors were locked, Jesus stood among them. This was not the crucified Jesus who was nailed to the cross. This was the living Jesus who shows where the nails pierce his hands and his side where a spear tore into him. … Read more


Before entering the season of Pentecost, reflect with me one more time the reaction of the women on that Easter morning “they said nothing to anyone” (Mark 16:8). They said nothing to anyone. Notice there was no cry of “Alleluia!” We do not hear the shout of, “He is risen.” There was no loud organ … Read more

Death, Taxes and Holiness

We are reminded at this time of the year, the only two things certain in life are death and taxes. Great. I paid my taxes. Now what? I’m still alive even though the sand is moving faster than ever through the proverbial hourglass. Taxes are behind me, so now what? Death? Thank God for Easter … Read more

St Patrick

As we reflect on St. Patrick, consider as well the pilgrimage Jennie Weeks and I will lead to Scotland, September 16-26, 2024. Our theme will continue with our pilgrimage in Ireland two years ago: “Celtic Christianity and life with God.” This time, we will follow many of the Scottish saints who brought light into the … Read more

The Isle of Iona

The Island of Iona is three miles long and two miles wide. Yet, it is considered “the cradle of Christianity.” Jenny Weeks and I are leading a pilgrimage through Scotland on the theme of Celtic Christianity September 16-26, 2024. This is not an infomercial but it is an invitation should you be interested in renewal, … Read more

Saint Brigid and Thresholds

The story of St. Brigid begins early one morning when a young woman walked down the hill to pasture where she would milk the cows. After she had filled two large buckets, she began making her way back home. Trudging up the hill, careful not to spill the milk, she began having pains within her … Read more

Just Trust and Obey

As we continue to live fully into this season of Epiphany, it becomes apparent to all who recognize Jesus as Lord, we are called to follow him. Like with the disciples, it is easy to get distracted and not only second-guess Jesus but there are also times we think maybe there is a better plan, … Read more

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Feast your eyes on the painting and the calling of Peter and Andrew by the pre-Renaissance Italian artist Duccio. (c. 1255-1260) Several features catch my immediate attention. Look at the hand of Jesus. It is open and inviting. According to the Gospel of Mark, all Jesus says is, “Follow me and I will make you … Read more

Just Give Me Jesus

As part of an Advent program, I invited children forward and told them the Christmas story with the manger. One little boy held-up his hand and said, “hey, you know what?” Pointing to the creche he said, “we have that game. We have that game at our home” Within seconds, all the children echoed, “we … Read more