“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold”

I was planning a pilgrimage to Ireland with Jennine Weeks, the now retired Adult Christian Ed Director at Christ Church Methodist. We planned this pilgrimage to Ireland as a grand finale and celebration of her long and fruitful ministry in Louisville. Then COVID struck and we postponed the pilgrimage for a few months, then again … Read more

Sister Constance

I began my ordained ministry at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Memphis, Tennessee. St. Mary’s fit the picture of a grand old Cathedral, and it had a wonderful history of doing God’s work. As a young priest in the Episcopal church, I found my faith reinforced by the worship. The music, the splendid architecture, the liturgy … Read more

Generosity and Compassion

How do I give, if I don’t have anything to give? What does it mean to give from abundance when I can scarcely get by? How do you know God loves a cheerful giver? Did you know young people today find that while generosity is important what is more important is their growing concern over … Read more

A Peanut Butter Sandwich

I write to you on the 20th anniversary of the darkness in 9/11 and the heroic rescue operations that took place by the first responders. Louisville Author Doug Keeney reminds us of the “untold” story of the evacuation from the boat lift that rescued nearly 300,000 people on Manhattan Island during that dreadful day[1]. Reflect … Read more

Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted

I think the Sermon on the Mount provides the deepest and most profound treatment and explanation for the human predicament of how to live—today. It is a timeless document. It is filled with spiritual knowledge. It is quite simply, the Word of God. And one word especially stands out today. In fact, Jesus calls it … Read more

The Vision of Hope

Take a moment, and travel with me as we follow St. Paul back to the city of Troas. You may never have heard of Troas. It was a thriving metropolis back in its day. It was so flourishing that none other than Julius Caesar once considered making Troas his western capital for the Roman empire. … Read more