Living Prayer

Above is a picture of Christ Church, Frederica, Georgia. Originally, a mission of the Church of England, the Rev. Charles Wesley conducted the first services inside the walls of Fort Frederica in 1736. Later brother, John became the Rector. Of course, both Charles and John are known for their eventual formation of the Methodist Church, … Read more

Grace Abounds

During this time of the pandemic many people have experienced difficulty because they are isolated. And in the midst of being quarantined and locked-down, ironically, they experience too much “free” time on their hands. With this freedom comes a sense of separation from the norm, distance from friends and family, and ultimately feeling estranged from … Read more

My Grace is Sufficient for You

Many of us are familiar with the Caravaggio painting of St. Paul and his Damascus Road experience. The contrast of light and dark. Paul flat on his back with outstretched arms of submission and surrender. The other man, either unaware or uncertain as to what is going on. The plodding, slow moving, unperplexed horse, simply … Read more

Renewal Awaits

Like a gift waiting to be opened, renewal awaits as we face life after the pandemic. The vaccine is coming. I can’t wait. It is time to think about life after the pandemic. I hear talk about a “new normal.” While that sounds all right, I have a hard time defining “normal” since life is … Read more