Advent Enters our Time

Each year, Advent rolls around like clock-work. It begins a new liturgical year. There is more to it. The season opens our hearts and souls. It gets personal but it is not private. Advent is an opportune time when God says, “Behold, I will do a new thing.” (Isaiah 43:19 KJV). Advent is kairos time … Read more


We are approaching the Thanksgiving holiday. It is a national holiday but for Christians in America, be assured the day is celebrated not only as a holiday, but a holy-day. What makes Thanksgiving Day holy is not only do we give thanks for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon us, but we are … Read more

What a friend we have in Jesus

You may recall, Jennie Weeks and I will be leading a pilgrimage September 16-26, 2024 to Scotland (Celtic Christianity, II). After an amazing time in Ireland, we will continue reflecting upon the 5th century Christian revival that hopped over from Ireland to the sacred Isle of Iona and St. Columba. Should you want further information, … Read more

My Grandmother’s Final Gift

This time of the year reminds me of my grandmother’s birthday (October 26) and a final gift she left me that I still treasure. Her funeral was over thirty-five years ago in Somerset, Kentucky where she was born and lived all her life. Her funeral was held at the First Christian Church in Somerset and … Read more

Celtic Christianity in Scotland

Led by Jennie Weeks and the Rev. Robin Jennings | September 16-26, 2024 As you can tell by the banner above this is not a typical blog. Rather it is an invitation and if you are interested, I hope you will keep reading. The pilgrimage to Scotland is actually Part II, of a pilgrimage continuing … Read more

St. Michael and ALL Angels

This may be a little trivia for you but you can drop it on the next person you meet. Let them know, September 29 is the feast day of St. Michael and All Angels. As you wait for their response and study their expression be prepared. Consider having a serious discussion on angels. That may … Read more

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is fast approaching. For many, that simply means a nice weekend to pull-the-plug, relax and not think about work. Work appears to be a pain. It can be high stress for some, or absolute boredom for others. Regardless, the labor market has really changed since COVID. Early retirements have increased, downsizing has … Read more

Faith Is Tough As Nails

I’ve been thinking about the importance of faith recently. I’m not thinking about my faith but rather how to witness it. How do we share our faith with those who really are skeptical especially around Christians? Where do we begin? Well, we know faith does not come easy. Most schools do not teach faith. So, … Read more

The Transfiguration

Years ago, the time came to move my mom and dad from their home in suburban Chicago where they had lived for over fifty years. I was surprised at mom’s willingness and her accepting the responsibilities for packing, moving and selling the house. My greater surprise was dad did not lead the way. Instead, he … Read more

Happy Anniversary

It is a total surprise, or better yet an act of God, when I think about how my life turned around and did a 180⁰. Never did I think, nor did I imagine ever being a minister whenever I finally grew-up. I loved sports. Football, basketball, baseball and definitely a little weekend whiffle ball. I … Read more